Optional Activities
The additional payment:
  1. Intensive English held by a native English teacher
  2. German
  3. Music
  4. Piano
  5. Art & Craft
  6. Aikido
  7. Gymnastic
  8. Acting
  9. Sport dance
  10. Modern dance
  11. Tennis
  12. Swimmning
  • School Celebrations;
  • Visits to the museums, botanical garden, zoo;
  • Theater and circus views;
  • Thematic trips in the country, at salt mines, caves, castles, natural reserves;
  • Summer camps and ski.
Summer Club:
Karin's Kids Summer Academy Club is open during the holidays and weekends, it includes theme camps, art workshops, preschool and school literature activities, leisure games, visits at the museums and watching theater plays for children. During the club period, children will discover the beauty of nature and will enjoy meeting other children. 
The optional activities are chosen at the beginning of the school year by their parents, depending on the skills and preferences of children. The duration of a meeting is established by a specialist teacher, according to the age and the specific activity of a child.