Through "Karin's Knowledge" Methodology and teaching materials which are perfectly adapted to the intelectual needs of preschool children, your child will discover life, nature, people, things and science in a creative and interactive way, browsing through these experiential areas, developed on a playful background:

  • Mathematics
  • Elements of Logic
  • Elements of Astronomy
  • Earth Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Elements of Geography
  • Elements of Biology
Aesthetics and Creativity:
  • Plastic&Artistic Education
  • Drama class
  • Cooking Class
  • Music
Language and communication field:
  • Language Arts
  • Communication Skills
  • Romanian Language
  • English Language
  • Speech
The psycho-motor field:
  • Physical Education
  • Dancing
Manners&General Culture:
  • Manners
  • Environmental Care Education
  • Art Projects