Karin's Kids Academy aims for a didactic activity according to the new preschool education curriculum approved through OMnr.5233/din 09/01/2008.

Education is the fundamental foundation of the child's future : as the adult personality is created from a young age. The child's way of thinking, their knowledge of how to act with others and how others should act with them in relation with the child is all structured early on.

Based on these considerations, Karin's Kids Academy offers a didactic activity especially created for the different age levels , all the while respecting the individual age characteristics of the child.

Each group will have furnished centers of interest: science, art, library, creation games, construction, educational games and activities.
The children will find the most awarded materials, educational games and activities , that will pave the way to his successful and enriching education.
Based on these premises, there are four different age levels:

  1. Baby Junior 2-3 years
  2. Preschool I (or Level I) 3-5ani
  3. Preschool II (or Level II) 5-7old kids
  4. Before & afterschool 7-11years

Each age level will receive a special education program from the proposed .
educational objectives.