Starting with September 2012, Baby-Junior Group ( 1.5-2.5 years) is coordinated by a teacher specialized in early education, with international training education.

Welcome to the world in which your child takes his first step into the future!

Karin’s Kids Academy is the place where your child will find a friendly and familial environment, which will encourage him to evolve his essential skills for a healthy development, while his creativity, intelligence and imagination will be stimulated daily, with our own methodology „Karin’s Knowledge™” , which transforms our kindergarten into an academy dedicated to the healthy growing and the education of your child.

Karin's Kids Academy program is based on a unique series of methods, activities and techniques, educational games based on the latest research and developed by the American psychologists and teachers, that have dedicated their entire career in understanding the child’s development.

Many of these are created by Prof. Penny Norman from Berkeley University, whose 15 years efforts in the area, have been materialized in the improvement of scientific material used in children education. ScienceWiz™ Books and Kits, created by Prof. P. Norman, have a remarkable success, being awarded among others by Scientific American, Dr. Toy, National Parenting Magazine, American Specialty Toy Retail Association, Creative Child Magazine.

Karin's Knowledge TM combines the Methods of solving problems by stimulating the intelligence, creativity and imagination, Methods of fixation and planning the knowledge and checking these, Methods of interactive teaching and learning through exploration, experiment and direct investigation and, last but not least, Methods of learning through games, exercises and strengthen their skills through practical skills. Karin's Knowledge TM represents a series of activities and educational techniques that stimulates natural skills and native abilities of your child, a primary request in the postmodernist education, defined as the need to adapt to the increasingly number of our requirements in the society which we live in.

Offer your child the best chance to form the stepping-stones for his future by providing him a healthy , harmonious, social and creative environment at Karin's Kids Academy. He will be bestowed with an exceptional education that we offer , along with our activities, hands -on materials and caring staff. And you can rest assured that your child will be served with healthy meals in a sterile environment daily.