Karin's Kids Academy completes the school program with a before and after school educational offer.
We designed a specialized program for pupils so they complete and consolidate for themselves some knowledge learned during the school program, on stimulation areas, to learn and to discover new or interesting things with specialized teachers.
So, we propose a program which will include making homework under the guidance of a specialist teacher, lunch and snack breaks, but also participation in optional activities.

The main purposes of these services are:

  1. Assisting children / pupils while performing themes
  2. Improving the skills of foreign languages (French, English, German)
  3. Stimulating creativity and logical thinking, learning by discovery, learning by acting (through manually and design activities, scientific activities).
  4. The creation of a program / learning content adapted to children with special needs in learning

Daily program: 12.00 19.00
Rate 1.100 /1.300 (includes lunch and a snack)